When you come to Hendersons Legal, you get the focus and personal attention that a small firm allows. This is provided together with the benefit of a highly experienced and professional legal team. We are renowned for our commercial and straight-forward approach to our clients’ property and business legal concerns.

Hendersons Legal has been operating as a business law firm in the Melbourne CBD since its inception over 18 years ago.  Our lawyers are highly experienced and provide exceptional levels of professional and personalised legal advice. Both our business and private clients are situated in Melbourne and throughout Victoria too.  It is our constant mission to provide our clients with practical legal solutions.

Client Focused Lawyers

It is a core part of our role to get to know our clients and their businesses well. We take a personal interest in making sure that our legal services are tailored to our client’s specific circumstances and interests.

We make sure that our clients’ objectives are clear in every case. Our lawyers work closely alongside them, to resolve their legal matters quickly and with the least amount of distraction from their day-to-day business operations and activities.

Our clients don’t want to hear lots of complicated legal jargon or the history of the legal system. They just want plain and clear communications, guidance and direction about how to solve their legal problems. Most clients appreciate the keen interest and commitment of our solicitors. This helps them trust us to do the job properly. Call Hendersons Legal now to speak to an experienced business, property or building lawyer in Melbourne that offers clear, practical legal solutions.

David Henderson

David Henderson

I have been in private practice as a solicitor for the last 30 years. I take a hands-on, direct approach to my clients' legal matters and I don't like taking 'No' for an answer...

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Melissa Henderson

Melissa Henderson

I am a detail person and like being fully informed and prepared. It is important to me that I get to hear a client's whole story including their background; what they do; what their business does...

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