Financial and Securities Lawyer Melbourne CBD

With a wealth of experience in finance and securities law matters accumulated over many years, our finance and securities lawyers at Hendersons Legal, in Melbourne’s CBD, are in a great position to provide commercial and astute legal advice. This can be given to both business and private clients in relation to their dealings in the finance industry and their finance and securities issues and needs.

Financial Document Reviews

Over the years, our finance and securities lawyers have reviewed and vetted many and various types of documents provided to our business and personal clients from banking and other finance institutions. We are keen to work alongside our clients on these issues to ensure that their finance arrangements suit them legally and commercially and to make sure that they are fully aware of the liabilities that they are undertaking. We are able to raise any questions and seek clarification of any unusual terms and conditions from our client’s lenders to ensure that our clients are fully informed before making a critical commitment like this.  Hendersons Legal acts for many private clients taking care of their property and investment matters.

Solicitor’s Certificate Providers In Melbourne

Our finance and securities lawyers are also able to provide a Solicitor’s Certificate if required by your financier. It is essential to all concerned that this is carried out professionally and properly. Consequently, we require advance delivery of the documents that relate to the certification as well as an appointment for you and any other individual to whom the certification relates. Sufficient time must be allocated to allow for a full and proper explanation of the documents before the certificate can be signed off.

Recovery for private lenders on their securities or otherwise

We also have a great of experience in acting for private lenders who are seeking recovery of outstanding debts. These may be affected by first or subsequent mortgages, priority agreements, caveats, family court orders or other securities. Hendersons Legal will always take a commercial and practical approach to matters like this taking into account the size of the debt; the strength of our client’s claim; and the likelihood of recovery from the debtor. Our extensive knowledge of property law and the relevant principles relating to mortgages and securities generally enables Hendersons Legal to take an aggressive and informed approach to effect our client’s wishes quickly and practically.

Our finance lawyers are able to provide a range of legal services to our commercial and private clients:

  • Recovery of debts and interest due under mortgage
  • Legal advice for private lenders and investors including document review and recovery proceedings
  • Legal advice and documentation for property developers
  • Lending and security documentation
  • Review of contracts and finance arrangements

If you need a finance lawyer in Melbourne, then contact us for more information about the services we can provide.

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