Hendersons Legal – Melbourne building lawyers.

We are in a unique position when it comes to providing legal services relating to all facets of building and construction law. Our building lawyers have acted for many construction companies and buyers too. We are experts in Construction law and the contracts involved in building homes or commercial properties.

Our team includes Melissa Henderson. She was the Chief Executive Officer of Supa Group Constructions from 2009 to 2014. They are a large, multi-award winning home extension building company. Melissa was a registered builder in Victoria from 2006 to 2015 and still holds a Red Card. However she now prefers to works as a building or construction lawyer in Melbourne.

Melissa has the benefit of many years’ experience as a building and construction lawyer in private practice based in Melbourne too. When combined with her unique insight into the commercial workings and practical operations of the building and construction industry, it helps her understand contracts, agreements and conditions more than the average lawyer.

Lawyers For Builders And Contractors In Melbourne

Please see our page relating specifically to building and construction concerns for Melbourne Builders and Contractors. One of our key services here is writing building contracts. However, with our practical building, business and legal experience, Hendersons Legal’s building and construction lawyers can provide insightful and practical advice to building practitioners, individual or corporates, across all facets of their business and construction operations including building disputes.
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Home Owners and Investors – Melbourne

Please see our page concerning Home Owners and Investors. Our building lawyers in Melbourne can provide you with sensible advice and practical guidance in relation to your building project. This includes building contract reviews. Our special insights into the Melbourne building and construction industry can help you avoid costly problems when building your home.
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