Building and Construction Lawyers – Acting On Behalf Of Buyers.

Hendersons Legal are experienced building lawyers in Melbourne. Our building and construction solicitors have significant insight into domestic building law and building contracts in Victoria. We can also give advice on building disputes such as defects and other matters.

If you are hiring a builder, and would like a professional building contract review, then contact us to start the process. We can also help you if you have a dispute with your builder, such as defaults or late delivery.

Our experience comes from acting for both builders and owners throughout Melbourne and Victoria for over 20 years. We know what to look for inbuilding contract reviews and can help protect your interests before you sign any building agreement.

Melissa Henderson also had more than five years experience as the Chief Executive Officer of Supa Group Constructions. They are one of Victoria’s largest home extension companies based in Melbourne, as well as being a registered builder from 2006 to 2015 with a red card.

Our building and construction lawyers in Melbourne’s CBD, are in a unique position to offer legal, practical and sensible advice to home owners who are looking to build or renovate their homes. This can include:

  • Building Contract Review and Signing

    We recommend anyone signing a building contract, to get a building contract review by and experienced lawyer. This often includes preliminary or pre-contract document review and advice. Reviews might include documents related to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Plain English Domestic Building Contract and the Master Builders Association (MBA) domestic building contract.

    We provide building contract review services and advice on terms and conditions of Building Contracts too. The review includes assessment of payment terms and liquidated damages provisions. It also includes checking building registrations, insurance, permits and the appointment of a building surveyor. We will review the conditions of cancelling the building contract and the application of any “cooling off” period. Other important factors include ascertaining time for commencement and completion.

    Advice will be given to protect your interests as part of a building contract review that we offer.

  • During Building Construction

    After a building contract review, we also provide assistance and advice about any problems experienced with the Builder, employees or Contractors during the building period. Such issues could be clarification of the Owner’s and the Builder’s obligations under the Building Contract; claims for any damage to the Owner’s property during construction; legal advice about building defects; legal advice on variations or any extension of time claims; checking provisions as to access; and the owner’s obligations under the contract.

  • Completion and Final Payment

    Clarification of payment terms and obligations to make final payments under the Building Contract; checking that the handover process has been completed properly; legal advice and assistance in any building disputes about building defects or other concerns; ensuring the issue of final inspection or occupancy certificates.

  • Assistance with Warranty Claims

    Legal advice and assistance for Owners in relation to building defects arising after the completion of the building works and final payment; dealings with the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and insurers in the event that the Builder is no longer operating or is bankrupt when the defect arises.

  • Disputes with the Builder

    Legal advice about the Owner’s and Builder’s obligations under the building contract; communications and negotiations with the Builder in relation to any building defects or contractual disputes; options for solving disputes with Builders including Consumer Affairs; the Victorian Building Authority and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT); issuing or defending proceedings at VCAT and other Victorian jurisdictions including the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts; liaising with experts for reports and witness statements; negotiating outcomes and resolving disputes between builders and owners including all relevant documentation and releases.

To speak with a highly qualified domestic building lawyers in Melbourne, contact us today. We provide many building contract reviews for clients across the state and for interstate buyers too.

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