Hendersons Legal have a team of experienced employment lawyers in Melbourne CBD. We have acted for many employers, CEOs and senior executive employees in a wide range of employment law and workplace legal matters relating to their business and personal requirements. We can help you with any employment law matter too.

When providing legal advice on these matters, our employment and workplace relations lawyers take into account the sensitivities of the personnel involved as well as the range of emotional responses which may be triggered by the employment legal advice sought.  All of this must be balanced against a backdrop of complex and ever-changing legislation, awards and agreements and new legal precedents whilst at the same time permitting businesses to respond to their constantly changing commercial and financial requirements. And don’t forget the common sense.

As the former CEO of Supa Group Constructions, a large Melbourne home extension company with over 20 staff plus commission agents plus trade contractors, Melissa Henderson has direct experience of managing the array of unexpected matters that can arise in an office on a day-to-basis in relation to staffing and personnel issues.

Our employment lawyers bring a wealth of legal and hands-on experience as well as practical considerations to these matters for our Melbourne based employers and executive employee clients.

Employment Lawyers Melbourne CBD

Our employment lawyers in Melbourne have provided employment law and workplace relations advice for clients in the following range of matters:

  • Preparing employment contracts for CEOs, executives and senior staff including confidentiality clauses; intellectual property clauses; “gardening leave” and restraints of trade; and bonuses provisions
  • Employment agreements and compliance with legal requirements
  • Employment contract disputes
  • Contractor agreements for consultants
  • Commission agreements
  • Policies for sexual harassment; occupational health and safety; internet usage; and discrimination
  • Agreements for motor vehicle usage
  • Dismissal of staff and ensuring compliance with unfair dismissal and instant dismissal laws
  • Staff disciplinary measures, policies and investigations
  • Business restructuring and redundancies
  • Employee entitlements including casual employees and long service leave
  • Assisting employers where staff have left with client lists and set up business in competition with their former employer
  • Compliance with Workplace Relations and Fair Work Australia requirements.
  • Acting for employers, CEOs and senior executives in employment law disputes including disputes about employment agreements and termination.

Experienced Employment Lawyers Melbourne

Our employment and workplace relations lawyers have acted for large corporations as well as a wide variety of small to medium businesses throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria. We have also provided employment and workplace law advice for CEOs and senior executives in preparing or reviewing employment agreements as well as looking after their interests upon termination and in any employment law disputes that may arise. Our employment lawyers have been involved in employment disputes in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, the Melbourne County Court, and the Melbourne Supreme Court as well as in the Federal Court.  Our negotiation skills have assisted in preparing contracts and putting deals together as well as settling disputes whether litigation has been commenced or not.

For an employment lawyer Melbourne business owners or individuals can count on, contact Hendersons Legal for advice today.

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