Over many years,Hendersons Legal have acted for clients both affected by the insolvency of businesses or the bankruptcy of individuals. Our insolvency lawyers in Melbourne can help you through this tough time too.

Our clients in this respect include liquidators, receivers and managers, and administrators. Our insolvency lawyers in Melbourne have also acted for business and personal clients caught up these situations as a result of bad investments or business failures.

In all cases, Hendersons Legal seeks to provide fast and practical advice to our clients, taking into account the commercial and financial considerations that are ever-present in these scenarios. We are in a position to make sound recommendations as to liquidators and trustees to suit your circumstances.

More specifically, we have provided insolvency legal services to liquidators, receivers / managers, administrators, trustees in bankruptcy, creditors and financially stressed clients concerning:

  • Debt collection
  • Preference payments and uncommercial transaction claims
  • Selling property to satisfy creditors’ interests
  • Directors’ and employees duties and attendant liabilities
  • Securities
  • Negotiating agreements and preparing settlement documentation.
  • Assessment of individual or business financial difficulties with advice about insolvency options and negotiations with banks, other financiers and creditors.

Bankruptcy / Insolvency Law Services

In providing legal services for individual and business clients who have experienced financial difficulties, we have supplied those clients with advice about bankruptcy; Part X arrangements and corporate insolvency, including voluntary administration and creditors’ winding ups.  Having acted in the insolvency industry generally, we are in a position to guide our financially distressed clients to various liquidators and trustees and make appropriate introductions for individuals or businesses if required.

Contact and Insolvency Lawyer In Melbourne

To speak to an experienced insolvency lawyer Melbourne business owners and other individuals can trust, contact us today.

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